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BTO Warm Appeal

The envelope is the most important part of a mailing. You need to know all the tricks in the book to get it opened – because if it isn't opened, there's no response.

With this mailing for BTO, I designed a special make outer envelope with a wide window on the reverse, showing part of the cover of the leaflet that was inside. The use of windows like this will intrigue the recipient (even if they can see clearly what it is) to open the envelope to get the whole story. Using the word 'inside' is another way to prompt opening.

The BTO audience of bird enthusiasts love information and will respond well when a lot of it is presented to them, so with BTO I usually include an information leaflet. I also designed a second donation form so the recipient could 'recruit' another supporter. Although take up was minimal, this did demonstrate the importance of the need and increased response.

BTO001 C5 outer1.png
BTO001 C5 outer2.png
BTO001_stationery 2.png
BTO001_stationery 2.png
BTO001 leaflet4.png
BTO001 leaflet1.png
BTO001 leaflet2.png
BTO001 leaflet3.png
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