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World Jewish Relief Rosh Hashanah Appeal


I imagined what it would have been like to be in the shoes of WJR's Chief Executive when he visited Karina, an elderly Jewish lady living in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The letter is very personal and makes a compelling ask.

I had some great photography to work with, and I made the most of it in a double gatefold leaflet which unfolded to give some drama to the before and after pictures of Karina's kitchen and also featured other stories of WJR's work improving homes so they're safe and warm.

I included a greetings card for Rosh Hashanah, giving supporters the opportunity for a personal engagement with the people their gift was helping.

wjr outer 1.png
wjr outer 2.png
wjr letter 1.png
wjr letter 2.png
wjr don 1.png
wjr don 2.png
wjr leaflet 1.png
wjr leaflet 2.png
wjr leaflet 3.png
wjr leaflet 5.png
wjr card 1.png
wjr card 2.png
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