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Friends of the Earth warm mailing

Artboard 1_4x.png

This mailing for Friends of the Earth focused on bees and the uncertain impact that leaving the EU would have on environmental protection.

The A3 stationery format allowed letter, donation form and information to all be in one place. The folding of this piece meant that the Nature Kit offer could show through the large window next to the address block, a technique which has been shown to improve envelope opening rates.

This communication also asked the recipient to recruit another supporter by using the separate recruitment leaflet.

FoE march17 appeal outer1.png
FoE march17 appeal outer2.png
FOE001 mar17 appeal stationery1.png
FOE001 mar17 appeal stationery2.png
FoE march17 leaflet1.png
FoE march17 leaflet2.png
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