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RSPCA Biggest Animal Rescue DRTV

This direct response TV ad broke the mould. Until it screened, charity DRTV ads had been telling stories using actors, celebrity voice overs, high production values and emotional music. When I created this I knew I wanted something different. The proposition was urgent and RSPCA's heritage as the nation's animal rescue service lent itself to a direct 'public announcement' feel.

This was an emergency, with RSPCA inspectors' workload increasing dramatically, so I used their Chief of Inspectorate to front the ad, speaking direct to camera. No animal actors were used in the ad, no music – and basic production values.

I felt that a prompted amount such as £15 or £3 a month just didn't fit with the emergency approach, so the ask was just "whatever you can give will help". This allowed the telemarketing agency to be specific – and the average donation was £10 a month. This ad was still being used ten years after it was made – not bad for an 'emergency' ad.

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